Från skivan Abalone Dots "Softgrass Music" gick tre av fyra
möjliga låtar, skrivna av Tord Hjukström, till final i JPF awards 2006.
"Third leg blues" i kategori Bluegrass, "No more" med text av Barbro Packiam
i kategori American Root och "Mina Fötter" i kategori European winner
"Fötterna" vann!!
Av 40000 låtskrivare var det endast två med bättre utfall vad gäller "songdelen"

From the record Abalone Dots "Softgrass Music" three out of four possible songs, written by Tord Hjukström, were nominated for the final. "Third leg blues" in the category Bluegrass, "No more" in American Root, lyrics by Barbro Packiam, and "Mina Fötter" in European winner.
"Mina Fötter" came out as the winning song!
Out of 40000 songwriters, there were only two with a better result, considering just song-nominations and song-winners.

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2006 Music Awards Nominations Bulletin
September 11th, 2006

After 18 months of work, we are excited to announce the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards nominations are now posted on our website.   After receiving 25,500 albums and 350,000 songs from over 100 countries and territories, we've whittled it all down to nominees in 81 Album genres/categories and 67 Song genres/categories (as well as 4 Video and 1 Lyric categories).  Nominees come from over 70 different countries and territories around the world!

Efter finalen   After the final

Our 2006 Winners were announced live in Santa Ana, California on November 4th at our 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Show. We featured 33 live performances representing the 80+ genres, 350,000 songs, 25,500+ albums entered from over 100 countries around the world. The vibe in the room was amazing and the talent hailed from 6 continents. Thanks to the 8000+ judges and volunteers who worked over an 18 month period to make it all
happen. The talent we unveiled this year is second to none in the world and those involved included previous Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Clio, CMA, GMA and JPF Award
winners and nominees.

Congrats again to all of this year's nominees!  Thanks to all the volunteers and judges who helped us complete the nominations this year.  And thanks to all of you who entered and shared your music with us.  The talent and diversity was overwhelming and after spending most of the last year of my life closely working with your music, I feel a connection to our Just Plain Folks community at large like never before!











Tord Hjukström

Rebecka Hjukström